Kim Pon, Certified Massage Therapist CA State Lic #3076

Daly City, CA Massage Therapy by Kim Pon Certified Massage Therapist

Insurance and Workers' Compensation

I do not bill insurance or workers' compensation.  You will need to pay for your session(s) and request reimbursement from your insurance or workers' compensation company.

I will not call to verify, submit on your behalf, follow-up, or am responsible for any claim inquiries, this is the client's/claimant's responsibility.
I will, however, provide you with a superbill for you to submit to your insurance or workers' compensation company for reimbursement.
I am not a billing service, this is a service that I am willing to provide clients outside of the massage therapy session.

Please be advised that superbills are different and more detailed than a traditional receipt, a traditional receipt may not be adequate for reimbursement.

Clients who wish to submit superbills for reimbursement must provide me with the following information:

Date of Birth
Phone Number
Date of Injury, if applicable
Claim Number
Diagnosis Codes and Description (ICD-10 Codes)
Procedure Codes and Description (CPT Codes)
Authorized Units per session (one unit = 15 mins)

All information must match your authorization, any deviation may result in a rejection to your reimbursement.  Please confirm with your insurance or workers' compensation company if there is any additional information, than what is listed above, that needs to be included on your superbill.

Please ensure your claim will be reimbursed by contacting your insurance company and/or adjuster PRIOR to making any appointments with all the details, including but not limited to maximum session length per visit, amount to be reimbursed, who can provide the service, etc.
For example, some companies will only reimburse if your session is completed by a chiropractor, physical therapist or other type of practitioner; I am a Certified Massage Therapist and my scope of practice is just that.