Kim Pon, Certified Massage Therapist CA State Lic #3076

Daly City, CA Massage Therapy by Kim Pon Certified Massage Therapist

COVID-19 Work-Site Plan & Protocol

These protocol measures are in addition to the procedures I have listed on the policies page on my website with guidance from the California Department of Public Health, California for All (, State of California Cal/OSHA Department of Industrial Relations, Federation of State Massage Therapy Boards, and Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals.

Masks on the entire time during your session.

All personal belongings need to be placed inside a plastic bag.  I will provide you with a bag.  Your shoes can remain on the floor.

No masks and/or face coverings that do not contain aerosol spray from your nose or mouth, such as bandanas, masks with ventilators, etc.  While I understand the issue of not being able to breathe well, if you arrive with a mask and/or face covering that does not prevent your aerosol spray from either your nose or mouth, I will provide you with a disposable one to either place over yours or in replacement of yours to be worn throughout the session and until you leave the salon.

When you are face down on the table, I have a pillow case looped into the face cradle to catch your breath and any aerosol you might breathe out, you may remove your mask as long as you leave your face IN THE CRADLE.  If you move your face out of the cradle, you will need to mask back up.

The back door to the room will be opened to allow for maximum ventilation during the session.  It will be closed as you enter and exit the table.

Clients’ family or friends are not allowed in the salon unless they are also receiving a service.  At this time, I will not be accepting any minor clients due to parents or guardians not being able to accompany their minor child.

I will be wearing clothes drape/covering, such as patient gown, and change it after every client.

Germ Technologies Germ Guardian UV-C air cleaners are running constantly in my room.  A HEPA air purifier as well.

Clean sheets and face cradle covering as always.  Sheets are washed and sanitized by Alsco, a commercial laundry facility.  Face cradle coverings, pillow cases and towels are washed in hot water with bleach and dried on high setting.

I spray and let air dry the vinyl table and face cradle covering, client area, door handles with alcohol antiseptic and/or sanitizer/disinfectant.  The floor is sprayed with Barbicide disinfectant, an EPA-registered liquid disinfectant.

All garbage and soiled linens are removed and placed in back hallway in covered receptacles.

As always, I wash and dry my hands and arms post session with soap and warm water.

Water service from our water cooler has been suspended indefinitely.  I will provide you with bottled water or you may bring your own.

Use of total contactless payments are available through Zelle.  If using a credit card, my phone, credit card reader and your credit card will be sanitized with an alcohol prep pad.

DUE TO CHANGING NATURE OF COVID-19, THESE PROTOCOL MEASURES ARE FLUID AND SUBJECT TO CHANGE.  I am committed to delivering safe service to everyone and doing my part to keep everyone I come into contact with safe and healthy.