Kim Pon, Certified Massage Therapist CA State Lic #3076

Daly City, CA Massage Therapy by Kim Pon Certified Massage Therapist

Flex Spending (FSA) and Health Savings (HSA) Accounts

I do accept Flex Spending (FSA) and Health Spending (HSA) Account debit cards for sessions.

Please confirm with your FSA and HSA companies to ensure that massage therapy will be reimbursed; some require a doctors' note or a form to be filled out.  I will not call to verify, submit on your behalf, follow-up, or am responsible for any inquiries.  This is the client's responsibility.

I will provide you with receipts to submit so you can be reimbursed.  If you forget your card and/or pay with another form of payment, you can still be reimbursed by submitting your receipt.